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Digestion is the main focal thing nowadays for many people. 

Even Youngsters are getting more and more concerned about their Gut Health and Digestion.

That’s the good thing though. But there are many things that one can avoid and take as a precaution before having bad gut or gut-related problems.

There are a plethora of dietary supplements on the market which claim to be good for your health. 

Now the users generally get confused some make research and some just make a purchase just by seeing the woo advertisements. 

In this era of the cut-throat competition of many supplement companies, it makes the difficulty for a user to make a purchase. 

But, to choose a product for your gut health the Gundry Md has two choices that are BioComplete 3 and TotalRestore. 

Both supplements are very good and even tested by me personally. Both are different products that work on the same thing i.e. Gut Health but in a different manner. 

So which product to buy when they ultimately focus on the same thing? And a lot of questions like this I shall be covering in this article.

So relax and stay calm and go through this full article and you will find out most of the answers related to this.

What is Gundry MD BioComplete 3 and TotalRestore?

Before we dive further in let us get some outer details of BioComplete 3 and TotalResore. Both products are being offered by GundryMd.

The founder of the GundryMd is Dr. Steven Gundry and he is a famous American Doctor who focuses on public health and lets them avoid hectic surgeries with the help of his products.

Bio Complete 3

Bio Complete 3
Bio Complete 3

To give a major boost to the immune system of your body the BioComplete 3 is there for you. Basically the immune and good health has a direct relation with the Gut and the Gut lining. 

The Bio Complete 3 is the product that contains three main components, they are, Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics. They work on good digestion, energy levels, and many more.


Total Restore
Total Restore

TotalRestore on the other hand also focuses on gut health but with different ingredients. TotalRestore worlds on the “leaky gut syndrome” and supports your gut lining to be more strong. 

A leaky gut is something by which harmful bacteria and viruses can enter your body and get into your blood so they can damage your body.

What are the Similarities between BioComplete 3 and TotalRestore?

They Both are the top and best-selling products of Gundry MD. They are developed after a deep study and research by famous American doctor Steven Gundry. 

Both Supplements aim at intestinal and gastronomical health. Gut health is the overall aim of these products. 

After Having these products one can feel more energy, less fatigue, can find out the improved digestion, and a healthy gut lining. 

One can have these products when :

  • Want to have smoother digestion.
  • Wants to get rid of frustrating gas
  • Wants to reduce the weight
  • Get rid of the bloating
  • Wants to have a comfortable movement of the joints

Which Product to Choose?

I know up to here you might have got a question: which product to choose when they have the same functionalities? And which would be the best for you?

As both products have the same aim but work with different ingredients. As the TotalRestore has some different ingredients and so has the BioComplete 3. 

Total Restore

If you want to focus majorly on the gut lining of your intestine and want to improve the digestion and only the gut-related issues which happen by the leaky gut syndrome please go with the Total Restore. The TotalRestore focuses on the following :

  • Remove the bloating 
  • Supports the digestion
  • Prevents the leaky gut syndrome

Bio Complete 3

One may have the preference to choose the BioComplete 3 when they have the goal to store some good stuff in the stomach and intestine. With the help of the three compounds Prebiotics, Postbiotics and Probiotics one can easily focus on the following:

  • Reduce the fatigue
  • Get rid of the excessive weight
  • Want to cut the cravings of the outside food 
  • Can reduce the digestive issues

Can I try both (Bio Complete 3 and Total Restore)?

Yes, you can try both products and the good thing is that they don’t have any side effects as GundryMd is famous for this. 

The suggestion will be to try both products in a two-week variant for example if you want to start first with the Bio complete 3 first, take it for at least two weeks consistently and you will notice the changes. 

After the two weeks, you can switch to the Total Restore and use it also for the 2 weeks and you will notice the things in a different manner and you will definitely come up with the answer that which product is more suitable for you.

How much do they cost?

It is interesting to note that these products cost exactly the same. If you can buy both products at the same time it will be good. 

Both products will cost you around $69.95 for a single variant and when bought in bulk the costs vary. 

The Products are a bit high in range but worth the money, believe me. The good things are somewhat priced more but you will receive good results in each penny. 

You can buy this product from our given link if you are interested in the discounted price.

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