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In the 21st century, people have gradually started giving importance to mental health which was not that prominent in the past. Mental health deals with our psychological social and emotional well-being. It is as important as physical health. Mental illnesses show our dysregulation and dissatisfactory level of psychological well-being. It is important for us to focus on our mental health as it also has an effect on our physical health.

Even though our mental health has been receiving a lot of importance, nowadays people are still uncomfortable to discuss and resolve their mental health. They find it difficult to actually express themselves to other individuals to help solve their concerns. Even if people are ready to engage in counselling It is a big hassle to book an appointment and visit the therapist on a weekly basis or a monthly basis.

Online counselling platforms are a great idea to increase the use of therapy and counselling and promoting mental health care. These platforms are online and the individuals do not have to actually visit and conduct face to face therapy which reduces the anxiety and they can keep their sessions private.

They do not have to actually let everyone know as they can access counselling through their internet attached devices. For the convenience of the people these online sessions can be conducted over text, calls and also video sessions so the people can use the appropriate medium to share and vent their feelings. Also, day-to-day challenges can be conveyed at any time of the day and the person does not have to wait for an appointment by the end of the week.

The sessions and therapy treatments are carried out by professional therapists, counsellors, and social workers who are eligible, renowned and have the proper training to deal with a wide range of issues related to depression, couple issues and also teenage problems. They cater to adults as well as teenagers. They try to maintain strict confidentiality so that the individuals feel safe and secure. 

If you are one of those who is suffering from any issues or concerns and need any help then service platforms like BetterHelp, Regain and Talkspace are some great options. They provide you a safe and stigma-free environment where you can share your feelings and receive advice from licensed and trained professionals.

These platforms give you a pathway to a happy and healthy life. We are now going to compare these and see which platform conducts the job better.

BetterHelp vs Regain vs Talkspace: the comparison

BetterHelp is a California-based online counselling platform which aims to provide you the best professional counselling at any place and at any time.

It provides you with professional and experienced therapists, social workers, counsellors and psychologists who have had proper training and education. They aim to provide a comfortable and convenient medium for you to share your doubts and benefits from any electronic communication device.

Betterhelp try to connect you to an available counsellor who fits your problem, objectives and matches with your preferences. They have several therapists with different areas and ways of approaching which provides you a wide range of experience and diversity. Also provide counselling for individuals, couples and also teenagers. They conduct sessions over live chats and phones and also over live video sessions.

They tries to comfort you by protecting your identity and maintaining confidentiality. Counsellors around the world can also apply to help people around the world. 

How to apply for a membership?

IN order to become a member you need to start by filling a questionnaire provided to you by the site. Once you’re done with the questionnaire stating you physical and mental condition you then create an account and get started. After you sign up, it usually takes a few hours or a few days for them to match you with a counsellor who suits your preferences and problems you’re facing. You also have the option of changing your counsellor if you are not comfortable and also can cancel your membership at your own wish. 

How much does it cost? 

Usually, when you visit a counsellor or a therapist it costs you hundreds of dollars which is not very cost-friendly, but BetterHelp comes up with a cost convenient option which just ranges from $40 to $70 per week. 

What services do they offer? 

They aim to offer experienced and professional counsellors and therapists who help with a variety of problems and deal with individual, couple and teenage counselling. They provide online counselling services to you via live chat, phone calls and live video sessions. You can go through the previous advice and messages at any moment. The aim to provide you with the best counsellors fitting to your objectives, preferences and problems you face in your life. 

Regain is a US-based online platform that deals with couple counselling and provides credited and licensed counsellors and therapists to help couples have better problem resolution and communication between them.

Regain deals with couple counselling which includes marriage and couple therapy, relationship and divorce counselling and also deals with LGBT couples. It aims to provide you with licensed therapists who plan to improve communication between couples and resolve the problems that they have. It is often seen that couples have a hard time to face relationship problem on their own and find it difficult to talk about it. So Regain, gives a chance to resolve such issues anytime and anywhere using laptop, mobiles and tablets. They conduct live chats, phone calls and live video sessions where the couple can come together and consult a therapist. Individual sessions are also done by them if a partner wants to discuss something privately. 

How to get a subscription? 

You can procure a subscription by signing in and making an account on the website. You have the option to add your partner at the time of signing in. You can also add them after you have been matched with your counsellor or during the counselling. You just have to provide the contact details of your partner for them to join so that they can receive an invitation. 

How much does it cost? 

Couple counselling generally costs a lot and it becomes hectic for the couple to pay the counsellor if they take individual and couple sessions separately. However, Regain lets you conduct a couple session or an individual session at a cost-friendly amount ranging from $40 to $70 per week.  You can cancel your subscription as you please. 

How does it work? 

This online platform provides you with counselling by licensed and professional counsellor and therapist anywhere and anytime. They aim to provide couple sessions and also individual sessions if any partner wants to discuss a problem privately. They conduct live chat sessions, phone calls and 2 way live video sessions to conduct counselling. The advice and messages received are accessible to both the partners and the counsellor.

Talkspace is a New York based online platform that provides an environment which is stigma free and easily accessible for resolving day to day challenges. 

Talkspace provides an area with experienced and accredited therapists who are trained in a wide range of areas. They deal with various issues like eating disorders, family issues, depression etc. They provide personalised text-based chat rooms where one can send text messages, audio messages, pictures and video messages. They aim to solve problems and help individuals have a happier and healthier life. 

How much does it cost? 

Talkspace is a monthly based subscription service. They have different plans for different services. 

The Unlimited Messaging Service Plus which includes text, audio and video messaging costs $260 dollars a month. It can also be paid quarterly which is $708 a month and a biannually paid plan costs $1248 for 6 months. 

The Unlimited Messaging Service Premium includes text, audio and video messaging and a special live session once a month. It  costs $316 dollars a month, $852 quarterly and $1512 for 6 months. 

The Unlimited Messaging Service Ultimate additionally includes 3 special live sessions once a month for 30 minutes each. It costs $396 dollars a month, $1068 for 3 months and $1896 for 6 months. 

The couple therapy costs $396 per month and $1068 for 3 months. 

The Teen Therapy is only on a monthly basis which costs $260 per month. 

The subscription can be cancelled as and when the individual pleases. 

What services do they provide? 

They provide a stigma-free environment which helps in resolving day to day challenges faced by individuals. They aim to provide an accessible, convenient platform where individuals can get help from professionals and therapists. They delegate private text based chat rooms to individuals where they can communicate using text, audio and video messages. They deal with problems like depression, eating disorders etc. They serve counselling to individuals, couples and teenagers. 

BetterHelp vs Regain vs Talkspace: the final thoughts

Therapy is one such service that is receiving recognition since people have started giving a lot of importance to their mental health. Nowadays, people try to treat their mental health same as their physical health. However, people are still not comfortable with going to a therapist or counsellor to get treated.

They do understand the condition and problem they are going through but are not that active to act upon it. People cannot afford to spend a lot of time and money on mental care. They require a platform that is easily accessible to them at any time and anywhere. People find it a little difficult to actually talk in front of a person as it makes them think twice and they cannot open up easily, and that’s where an online counselling platform comes to the rescue.

An online counselling platform gives access to counselling by licensed and accredited professionals at any time and is very cost friendly. They are readily available 24/7 and one does not have to actually go through the hassles of booking an appointment and visiting the counsellor.

Therapy services like BetterHelp, Regain and Talkspace give us a convenient and stigma free environment to seek help from professionals. These platforms give us professional counselling at a very low cost and are available at all times. They work on a subscription basis and the subscription can be cancelled as per the requirements of the individuals. They are totally confidential and protect the identities of the individuals.

They treat various issues like depression, family issues, miscommunication between couples and deal with individuals, couples and also teenagers. However, among these three services we prefer BetterHelp to be the clear winner simply due to a few reasons. BetterHelp Provides counselling for adults as well as teenagers.

You can consult them even if you are an individual or a couple. Secondly, they have very low costs in comparison to other platforms. Thirdly, they have sessions that are conducted via chat, phone calls and also live video sessions. 

Though, BetterHelp is a clear winner for us, what suits you may depend upon your personal needs which differ from individual to individual.

Stay healthy!

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