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Protein Powders
Protein Powders

Protein is a very common supplement dietary protein and is taken especially among athletes fitness enthusiasts and also for individuals who have higher protein needs.

This is just because the supplement offers a convenient and efficient way to ensure an adequate amount of consumption when You have a busy lifestyle. 

It becomes very difficult to complete protein requirements through diet. When there is no other way to compensate for the requirement of protein in our body.

Now you must be aware of why this is so important.  It helps increase muscle mass and enhances muscle recovery and growth in our body. Apart from that, protein supplements also improve performance and are more convenient for consumption than other food sources. 

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 protein powder brands available in the market. We will also compare each one of them on all the essential parameters so that you can understand and select them as per your dietary needs and preferences.  Let’s begin. 

Understanding Protein Powders

Protein Powders
Protein Powders

Proteins are one of the most convenient ways for those struggling to meet their protein needs through food alone. Not only this but it also supplies all the essential amino acids and helps in necessary muscle repair growth and overall cellular function of our body. 

Proteins are divided into 5 different categories based on the derivation and nature of each one of them.  They are mentioned below: 

Whey Protein: these are derived from milk and contain all types of amino acids.  The body easily absorbs the compounds of whey protein and this makes it one of the best supplements for post-workout. 

Casein Protein:  this protein is also derived from milk but is slowly digested compared to whey protein.  Casein protein has a steady release of amino acids which makes it a sustainable supply of protein in our body.  This is best for supporting overnight muscle recovery. 

Plant-based Protein: these proteins are derived from peas, hemp, soy, and rice.  This was created as a substitute for vegan athletes and those who are allergic to dairy products. Not only those but even lactose intolerant can consume plant-based proteins. 

Collagen Protein:  collagen protein is derived from animal connective tissues and it supports skin elasticity, gut health, and even joints of our body. This is not considered a complete protein and is rich in specific amino acids like glycine and proline. 

Egg white Protein: these proteins are high-quality proteins without any kind of fats in them. This is derived from the white of the egg and is easily digestible. This is again one of the best alternatives for lactose intolerant and dairy product allergies. 

Below we will discuss some of the top brand protein powders based on their key features so that you can select one of the best options for yourself. 

Top 4 Protein Powders

Protein Powders
Protein Powders

Key Features
Aloha Plant-based Protein PowdersMy Protein Whey Protein powderSculpt Nation Protein powderNaked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder:
Protein SourceHempwheyPlant-BasedWhey
Protein Content18gm22gm30 gm25 gm 
Amino Acid Profile Complete completecompletecomplete
Added Ingredients Coconut, Cinnamon, Brown Rice and PeaWhey protein concentrate, Lecithin, Cocoa Powder, MilkCapsimax, Natural Caffeine, Enxtra, EvothinGrass-fed whey, 
Price $32.99$44.99$49.90$75.99
FlavorVanilla, Chocolate17 different flavors1 flavor6 flavors 
Comparison Table

Aloha Plant-based Protein Powders Review

Plant-based Protein Powders
Plant-based Protein Powders

Aloha Plant-based protein powder comes in different flavors which are chocolate and vanilla. The protein powder is free from stevia and soy.

This is a completely plant-based vegan formula and it is derived from ingredients such as pea, brown rice, pumpkin seed and some of the other important ingredients present naturally.

Single-time purchases can cost you up to $32.99. you can avail of it by placing the order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Has 130 calories per serving.
  • Contains 30 grams of protein in 2 scoops. 
  • Easy digestion. 
  • Contains ingredients like brown rice, hemp seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other natural ingredients.
  • The source of protein in the supplement is pea and hemp.  
  • Has Monk Fruit Extracts. 
  • Also contains coconut sugar. 
  • Acts as the powerhouse for intestinal health and blood sugar levels. 

2 thumbs up! Would prefer to have no natural flavoring, but otherwise great ingredients.

Says Randy.

“Really enjoy adding it to my post-workout shake. Nice flavor. Wonderful ingredients. Really happy that it’s free of stevia. Will purchase more in the future. Wish it came in bigger tubs so that I could get more servings out of one box.

Says Claudia.

My Protein Whey Protein Powder Review

Whey Protein Powder
Whey Protein Powder

My Protein Whey protein powder is a type of whey protein that can be easily used to make shakes or any kind of smoothies. Incorporate protein in your diet and letter bodies charged all day long.

This will also help you perform your best and make your day more productive. Single-time purchases cost you up to $44.99. You can avail of it by placing an order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • A single serving gives you around 22 grams of protein. 
  • This protein is sourced from high-quality ingredients such as whey protein concentrate sunflower and also contains some amount of milk. 
  • Comes in more than 17 flavors. 
  • It also contains an amount of egg, gluten, and other protein-based natural ingredients. 
  • Along with protein you also get 2 grams of fat and 3  grams of carbohydrates in a single serving. 
  • Has 140 calories per serving. 
  • Helps in building and repairing new muscles. 

I bought this protein powder because I was frustrated with the terrible taste of the other protein powders that I had tried. This was amazing. Tastes great and mixes easily. I have been using it as a meal replacement and it keeps me feeling satisfied until the next meal. I would definitely recommend this product.

Says Santra.

I tried Marshmallow Cereal based on some other review and it tasted absolutely terrible. Vanilla ice cream on the other hand was delicious. I added milk with the shake and it was creamy and small clumps that didn’t mix did taste like vanilla ice cream when mixed with milk. 10/10 on Vanilla ice cream 1/10 on Marshmallow Cereal Goes Well With: Milk

Says Jimmy. 

Sculpt Nation Protein Powder Review

Sculpt Nation Protein Powder
Sculpt Nation Protein Powder

Sculpt Nation Protein powder supports fat loss. It is made using some of the top natural ingredients known to include metabolic rate card burning capacity and help balance your fat-burning hormone.

A single bottle can cost you up to $49.00. You can avail of it by placing an order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Helps in converting stubborn fat into energy. 
  • Has been designed to suppress your hunger and unnecessary cravings. 
  • Makes you lose fat faster and more conveniently. 
  • Balances out your hormone using the natural formulation on which it is made. 
  • Also, keep a check on your metabolic rate and energy levels so that you stay productive throughout the day.

Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder Review

Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder

Naked Nutrition Grass-Fed Whey Protein Powder is animal animal-based protein supplement that has good quality proteins and contains amino acids that are branched. These are completely free from artificial sweeteners and come in 6 different flavors.

Even the nutritional value of the supplementary is quite on the higher side if you look at the total grams of protein intake per serving.  Single time for chase can cost you up to $94.99 and you can avail it by placing the order from the website. Some of the major features are mentioned below: 

  • Contains around 7 to 6 surveys for the package. 
  • Gives you 30 g of protein for  2 scoops.
  • Also contains other essential micronutrients such as vitamin D calcium iron potassium sodium and carbohydrates. 
  • Has some amount of sugar which is sourced from natural agents. 
  • Helps maintain and build muscles and contains essential amino acids such as valine, Leucine, and Isoleucine. 
  • Also helps in boosting up the immune system with compounds like beta-lactoglobulin, lysozyme, and lactoferrin. 
  • It is also one of the supporting agents for losing fat and improving our heart health. 
  • The formulation also contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are known for better functioning of our metabolism and cardiovascular health. 

Tastes great and I don’t have to mix it with a lot of water. My favorite thing about naked whey is they don’t add artificial sweeteners that are known to cause GI issues. So far I’ve tried double chocolate and chocolate. I would say chocolate is sweet enough for me and I’m probably going to try vanilla next because variety is the spice of life.

Says Kyle.

“This chocolate-forward protein powder is tasty, convenient, and easy to digest. I mix this with Naked Peanut Butter Powder, nut milk, and some avocado for a post-exercise protein boost.”

Says Poly. 

Our Top Choice

After discussing some of the top brands we concluded that among all the four My Protein Whey protein powder is the supplement that we would like to go with further. There are certain reasons for this and one of the majors is the variety of flavors and quality of ingredients that they use in their products. 

Not only this but all of the ingredients are plant-based and easy for consumption if you are searching for some plant-based formula.  Even the digestion of the formulation is easy on our digestive health.

 If I talk about the amino acid profile then it has all kinds of amino acids inculcated in the formulation which is hard to find in any plant-based formula. Not only this but even the protein amount per serving is decent enough to meet the requirement of our body. 

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