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I’m a kitchen person who spends most of my time in the kitchen and I love to cook. So, this is also one of my fantasies to make my kitchen an eye-catcher and make it different from another’s kitchen.

A brand that offers you high-quality stainless steel kitchenware, which gives your kitchen a perfect finishing look with long-lasting uses too. 

To make my thoughts work I search and check for many brands and Cookware. But after checking many brands I stopped at 360 Cookwares, which is one of the daily use kitchen utensils which I’d find easy to Handle and beautiful for the ambiance. 

Without wasting your time let’s go for further information. 

Overview Of The Brand

One of the known brands for waterless cooking is  360 Cookware, which is oriented in your own country USA. Some of the research says 78% of Americans prefer to buy their own country’s originated products. 

Brand Image

This brand is known for its stainless steel, waterless cookware and was founded by Bryan Hurley in 2010. There is no doubt its style and simplicity are enough to make customers their kitchen quality enhancer. 

And this is why they gain a huge following on Instagram in a very short period.  They have 11.4k+ followers on their Instagram account and Facebook, they have 16500+ people who are interacting with their page. 

There are some necessary things that you may have to know before you use these products. As we collect some good and bad qualities of the brand which are listed here.


  • Products are compatible with vapor cooking may you also know as traditional cooking.
  • Use less oil and butter for cooking.
  • Waterless cooking is supported by the utensils 
  • No chemical or toxic ingredients are used for building the products.
  • Super durable.


  • Some of the products are having a thick base and that’s why takes some more time to heat.
  • Lid handles get heated sometimes. 

Can You Use 360 Cookware In The Oven?

360 Cookware

Everyone is busy these days. Some are busy in college, some are busy at their work. Also, Everyone has their type of comfort. And if you ask me what is cooking, and is it only for making you free from starvation? 

No, for me cooking is an art and food is something to fulfill your soul. So, it must be important to make your food with ease of comfort.  

360 cookware is one of the brands which have a broad range of products which offers you the products which can be used on stoves, microwaves, and induction. 

So this is all up to you whether you want to cook on the stove or in the oven. 

Varieties The Brand Offers 

360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker Set Review

360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set
360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set
360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set
360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set
360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set
360 Cookware 6 Quart Slow Cooker set

This is one of the most requested items by customers. 360 Cookware released this set because of the customers, as per the company many customers were requested to release this 6-quart cooker. 

This cooker is convenient to make food in large portions. You can use it on the stove or countertop. You can search for this cooker on their website by the name 6-quart slow cooker set. 

This cooker works on vapor cooking technology and stainless steel construction, which makes it a healthy cooking choice for stove-top meals. 

One of its good qualities is that you can make your food with a very small amount of oil and make your food more nutritious and flavourful. 

This cooker set includes a 6-quart gourmet stock pot with a cover, a slow cooker base, and also a use and care guide, and an authenticity certificate.

Benefits of the product:

  • You can use less oil.
  • You can make a large amount of food portion at a time.
  • As the cooker uses a vapor cooking technique it keeps your food moist.
  • It’s made in your own USA.

As there are many benefits of this product, this product also has a disadvantage and that is; heating the cooker first can be time-consuming. 

As we discussed all this product, now we are going to introduce you to its rate which is quite reasonable. You can order this product for just $ 419.00 USD 

“360 Cookware customer Representative, Brittany, was so helpful, professional, and kind in making sure my crockpot arrived. I was impressed with her dedication to her work and loyalty to 360 Cookware company. I hope she can be commended for her excellent job! I can’t wait to prepare a meal, probably soup, in my beautiful stainless steel, USA-made read more about the review stating 360 Cookware customer Representative, Brittany, crockpot this autumn now that cooler gorgeous fall weather had arrived. I highly recommend this company. Let’s make America Number 1 again in manufacturing by only purchasing USA-made products, especially from 360 Cookware!”

~Kate M

360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle Review 

360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 
360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 
360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 
360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 
360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 
360 Cookware 11-Inch Square Griddle 

One of the unique products of the brand is an 11-inch square girdle. As we know every product has its type of good side. 

So, this one also has its unique selling proposition). This pan heats eventually equally from every side which gives your food a perfect color and finish. 

This is one of the most usable products of the brand which you are gonna love and it’s going to be your all-time favorite. 

It’s made from pure stainless steel and has a diameter of 11.38″ (rim to rim) and inside the cooking, the diameter is 10.36″. It has ergonomic handles. It can be used in an oven and is safe upto 500°. It can also be used on induction. 


  • Easy to grip as the handle is long and doesn’t get heated.
  • Can be used on a stove, oven, and induction 
  • Made up of cladded metal
  • Thin base so you can make quick and easy comfort food 


  • Because of the long handle, it’s a little heavy.

This can be yours for just $149.00 USD. 

No stick “I was so happy to use this. I am getting away from nonstick Teflon. I made grilled cheese and it came out perfect. The bread was golden brown and the cheese was melted all the way And nothing stuck to the pan. Being American-made is awesome too.”


360 Cookware 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover Review

360 Cookware 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 
360 Cookware 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 
360 Cookware 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 
360 Cookware 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 
 2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 
2-Quart Saucepan With Cover 

This product came just for mixing and whisking!!

Now you can enjoy your cooking with this saucepan which makes your cooking easy. The recipes with an important role of whisking and mixing or continuous stirring can fit perfectly. 

This 2-quart smooth saucepan is made up of a stainless steel body and is smoothly finished which will give your food a nonstick breezy feel. 

You can make anything in it which requires stirring most of the time as custard, sauces, and creamy foods. 

Its measurements are as; 

Dimensions: 8.47″ (rim to rim)

Inside cooking diameter: 7.69″

Inside height: 2.75″

It’s oven-safe up to the temperature of 500°

It can be useful for you in many ways:

  • Proper utensils for sauteing the food
  • Can be used with the oven, induction, or stove
  • Comes with a set of saucepans and a lid
  • Its handle will not get hot 

It can be available to you for just $149.00 USD 

“I bought this pan as a gift for my husband. We use it every day and love it. It looks so “at home” on our antique green Chambers stove. We like keeping it out all the time. The structure of the pan is perfect for slow-cooking foods without worry of anything burning. The Vapor Seal lid and clad metal work great for allowing the food to finish cooked more about the review stating Perfect in every way! ing with the heat off. This is great for rice and breakfast cereal grains.”

The interior is well-designed. The beveled transition from the pan walls to the bottom aids in scooping the food for serving.

We use this pan most days. It cleans up easily and with a sparkle. We are very happy with this pan.

~Dan B

360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan Review

360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan
360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan
360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan
360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan
360 Cookware Jelly Roll Pan

Perfect match for baking!!!

360 cookware has made the perfect match for your baking. Best suitable for cookies, brownies, and dessert bars but it doesn’t mean it’s only suitable for these things.

You can make a hundred items in this versatile pan. 

If you ask about its size and all, here you go.

Diameter: 13.87″×10.02″ (rim to rim)

Inside cooking diameter: 12.98″×9.13″

Inside height: .91″ 

It can be used in an oven and is safe upto 500°. 

It will cost you $129.00 USD only for this amazing jelly rolling pan.

Beautifully crafted. Unique size, smaller “Beautifully crafted. Unique size, smaller beautifully crafted. Unique size, smaller than a standard cookie sheet but with a depth that enables me to use it for crusts, sheet cakes, etc I have used it to oven-bake a salmon filet”


How To Order 360 Cookwares? 

360 Cookware
360 Cookware

You must be having the urge to get these products. So, without thinking twice and worrying about the process of ordering you may have to follow some easy steps. 

  1. For ordering their product you may have to search 360 cookware on Google simply or you can also visit their website mentioned here, 360 Cookware
  2. After reaching their website you have to search or pick up your choice first. Then you just have to click on the button named to add to the cart. 
  3. After adding your products to the cart, visit the cart and fill in all the necessary information about the address and payment. 
  4. Click on order confirmation and your product has been ordered. 

360 Cookware Customer’s Reviews

So, this is the most important step to choosing something you are going to buy, customers’ view. By checking out this section you will get to know if all the information provided by the company is true or not.

360 Cookware

So, here are some reviews we find on their website:

Quality cooking “ Quality cooking works wonderfully, excellent quality! We cook a variety of dishes in our pan and it works great and is very durable and well-made. We weren’t originally familiar with the heat distribution and lid system but after using it we are convinced! Very happy.

~ Julia K

I was tired of replacing “I was tired of replacing nonstick pans that just don’t hold their finish over time, not to mention concerns about what chemicals are used to create that finish. This pan is sturdy, and so well made! No questionable chemicals in the finish. Made in America at its best! and to bake meatballs. It cleans up beautifully. It has such a quality feel and It seems to retain heat evenly. Thank you for the quality product.

~ Darlene D

Only Cookware You Should Buy “ Only Cookware You Should BuyDon’t buy cheap ceramic, nonstick, or whatever cookware. This is such high quality, the food doesn’t stick much, and it’s made in the USA. We love our 360 products in every way.”

~Duncan A

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! “Winner, winner, chicken dinner! winner, winner, chicken dinner! I cooked a whole chicken with vegetables in my new stock pot and it was delicious; the chicken was so tender and the vegetables tasted incredible when cooked on low heat. I love it and am looking forward to years of fantastic meals! Love that these are made in the USA!”

~Jennifer S

This cookware is stunning. “This cookware is stunning. This cookware is stunning. I’m so glad I found such a clean and quality brand. I see this as an investment that will be passed down to my children! Following the guides was easy and I’m already having success cooking on these pans. I would highly recommend them!”

~Kelly L

Every piece is gorgeous! ” Every piece is gorgeous! Every piece is gorgeous! Inside and out, down to the last detail. The heat distribution is very good. I’m still trying to make friends with the skillet though. I’m used to casting iron and non-stick Teflon pans, but we’re getting there.”

~Rebecca H

Is 360 Cookware Worth It?

I think if you read the above reviews carefully you must not need this particular answer to this question.  

360 cookware is worth it and respects your choice. 

Our Final Verdict On 360 Cookware

360 Cookware

A brand that offers you a diverse range of utensils that can make your kitchen beautiful and your work experience simple. You can make any food of your choice with ease of comfort. 

It supports vapor cooking which helps you to keep your food moist and because of that you can use less oil in your foods. Consuming oil in a high amount can create many serious types of health problems like obesity, high cholesterol, heart problems, etc. 

So, according to us if you use this once it will be the main part of your life and I’m sure for it you’ll not regret buying this.

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