Greatest DTC Dog Brands

2022's Greatest DTC Dog Brands
2022’s Greatest DTC Dog Brands

There are many dog brands available but 2022’s greatest direct-to-consumer dog brands are not easy to find, we will discuss what are the features of great DTC dog brands and what still makes them best.

Dogs are growing in popularity as more people are being drawn to the companion animal for friendship and camaraderie. This is not surprising considering the fact that dogs live longer than humans and tend to dance to the beat of their own drums.

In most cases, they have no ulterior motive and just want to play fetch or snuggle. The satisfaction and love that dogs give their owners are unparalleled. Most dog lovers cannot resist spoiling their canine friends with all of the latest accessories, toys, gadgets, and most importantly food.

There are many dog brands in the market. How do you decide which one to choose? Some can be too expensive, while others are not as good.

This article will introduce to you some of the best dog brands available on the market today based on our own experience of using these brands and competitive research.

You should definitely discover all that’s available for your four-legged friend in 2022’s Greatest DTC Dog’s  Brand, which takes a look at this burgeoning industry.

The Honest Kitchen

The Honest Kitchen

If you’re looking for a dog food brand that is uniquely honest and transparent, look no further than The Honest Kitchen. Their commitment to providing an excellent raw diet for dogs is unmatched, and there are plenty of reasons why it’s a top choice among pet parents. The Honest Kitchen offers natural dog food, treats, and supplements to keep your dog happy, healthy, and strong. We have reviewed their brand, mission, vision, and products in the above Honest Kitchen review. They make a large variety of high-quality organic, raw dog food. And even after two decades, they are still growing and innovating. While not the perfect choice for all dog owners, the Honest Kitchen is an ideal way to feed your dog if he or she happens to enjoy the taste and benefits of an organic diet.

Pet Plate

Pet Plate is a pet food subscription service that delivers fresh dog food every month to your door for up to 40% off the regular retail price. Their dog food is sourced from grass-fed, cage-free, and antibiotic-free meat, and their offerings have no grain fillers. Pet Plate also has dry dog food options for those who need a less messy option. Sometimes the best things in life aren’t free. In fact, sometimes they cost a pretty penny and this is exactly the case with Pet Plate Fresh Dog Food devilry brand. It’s a little bit higher in price than some of the other frozen brands out there, but some pet parents note that it provides noticeable benefits to their dogs’ health and well-being, so they don’t mind paying the price. it’s good to know that the Pet Plate brand uses the finest ingredients and doesn’t add unnecessary fillers to their recipes.

The Farmer’s Dog

The Farmer's Dog

The Farmers Dog is a pet food company that prides itself on making the best, healthiest dog food available. They are all about real and honest ingredients. Everything they put into the food is meant to be good for your dog and for your wallet. They don’t use additives, fillers, soy, grains, corn, or artificial preservatives – just natural ingredients to make your dog happy. The Farmers Dog is made from cooked chicken, green beans, and rice as the first three ingredients so it is easy to digest and contains a lot of good protein that your dog’s body needs. They are very proud to say that the quality of our food is exceptional, but they believe that the greatest testament comes from our loyal customers and their furry friends!

Nom Nom

Nom Nom

Nom Nom mission is to bring you a delicious alternative to Fresh food for your beloved dog. We not only want to keep your dog happy and healthy but also keep him/her away from common food allergies and sensitivities. By focusing on providing natural, fresh and raw ingredients, Nom Nom offers a healthy alternative that complements your dog’s nutritional needs. An all-natural diet provides all the necessary vitamins and minerals to help nourish your pet. This yummy food is safe for dogs, people-friendly, and will make your dog’s taste buds come alive!

Bark Box

Bark Box

BarkBox is a subscription box that sends out high-quality treats and toys to dogs each month. Each box contains 4-6 items, which could be a combination of treats, toys, and health/hygiene items. The company guarantees that every item will be of the utmost quality. If your dog is particularly aggressive with their toys, you may want to consider getting a box with a higher level of difficulty. Otherwise, this box is perfect for people who want a treat to last throughout the month.


Ollie’s innovative approach to the pet food industry combines the online convenience of grocery delivery with the variety and quality of a gourmet dog food service. Customers have the ability to custom mix their own bags of dog food each time they order, choosing from a variety of grain-free, human-grade choices. Ollie is quickly revolutionizing the way pet owners think about and source their pet’s food. Ollie is America’s only healthy, human-grade dog food delivery company. They make every effort to ensure that all of their ingredients are human grade and organic because they believe that should be the standard for pet owners everywhere. The Ollie team stands behind their products 100%, and that product longevity shows. This is a business that will be around for the foreseeable future, which provides peace of mind when it comes to feeding your best friend Ollie dog food.