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If you reside in a lousy jogging neighbourhood, locating the ideal time and place to run can be challenging. 

As the global pandemic worsens, having options for staying active at home becomes more important.

People nowadays, particularly those in Generation X and younger, relocate every few years or less. 

This implies that there is a sizable customer base interested in using treadmills

However, the sad reality is that many treadmills are extravagantly priced, blowing your wallet while also leaving your home with less space for you to live. 

But you don’t have to be concerned about any of this because Treadly has a solution for your basic Fitness needs: a treadmill.

In This Article, we shall be discussing

  • Overview
  • How Treadly works?
  • Is Treadly actually worth it?
  • Cost, Ordering process and Verdict

About Treadly


Treadly is a startup that aims to provide a compactly designed and efficient home treadmill with intelligent technologies that stimulate interest. 

Treadly 2 is manufactured by Treadly, a workout, and wellness company headquartered in Bergen, New Jersey. 

Treadly’s work has appeared in several high-profile magazines and newscasts. 

The firm just debuted its second-generation product, which is relatively small and features hardware advancements. 

They have increased the weight limit for consumers and added cool perks that improve exercise duration.

What are the other Products offered by Treadly?

Treadly 2

Treadly 2
Treadly 2

Treadly’s design is certainly much smaller than you imagine — the base is only 3.7 inches tall and weighs only 77 pounds. 

The entire deck is only 56-inches wide by 25-inches broad, and there’s a flip-down handle that you extend whenever you want to jog fast and foldable when you only want to walk. 

It’s also slightly elevated off the ground, enabling the equipment to work on hard floors and rugs.

Thanks to its innovative technology, the Treadly 2 Basic keeps up with you regardless of how long your jogging session is. 

You can quickly alter its settings with the compact controller. 

The most noticeable new update is the handrail control panel, engineered to fold down flush with the machine’s side, taking up little extra storage than the original Treadly.

The Treadly 2 Pro has all of the fantastic additional features of the Treadly 2 Basic and the Treadly mobile application. 

Both types of equipment display your workout data (steps, distance, and speed) on a nice built-in handrail display unit. 

Still, the Treadly app improves on this by syncing the information with your smartphone.

The Treadly app allows you to join virtual workout groups using your activity data. 

Daily training groups can help newbies stay motivated. There are also chat rooms and audio communication options to assist you in finding a walking or jogging partner when you need one. 

You can also use the app to change the treadmill’s speed and view reports on your training performance.

The handrail and auto-position speed control are standard on both the Treadly basic and Treadly pro. Furthermore, Treadly Basic comes with remote control. 

At the same time, Treadly Pro has built-in Bluetooth interaction with our IOS app, letting you change modes smoothly in the middle of the workout for both versions.

How does Treadly work?

Treadly functions mainly in the same way as a standard treadmill. Still, it has some enjoyable improvements and additions that make it even more practical.

To begin with, the Treadly doesn’t use buttons to control the pace. Alternatively, infrared sensors embedded in the surface analyze your foot motions and change the speed correspondingly. 

As a result, regardless of how you run, the treadmill will adjust its pace to fit your stride. 

This exciting functionality removes the need for breakable switches while also making exercise easier to accomplish.

The Treadly 2 also includes a built-in Bluetooth Speaker system so you can listen to music while jogging. 

To be honest, it’s a good addition. The LCD monitor near the top displays your current pace, distance covered, and the total number of steps.

Treadly found the software to be really simple. Its primary tasks are to adjust the tread’s speed and display your distance, time, and pace information on the screen. You can enjoy music or watch television. 

You could also connect with your mates if you have anybody who owns a Treadly and works out together.

Treadly’s iOS app also includes iterative social training and live video interaction. 

Treadly is also providing new community features to the application, allowing users to build their own groups and challenge others, such as step count records, time of usage, and so on.

Super easy to set up, compact and works great! Best piece of gym equipment we have so far!!!

Leigh S.

How Treadly is Unique from others?

You can place Treadly anywhere. Most treadmills are not only inconvenient if you live in a small room that you share with others; they are also challenging to have at home. 

Treadly, on the other hand, is something that most people need. It can integrate into their lives and, more importantly, store away while not in use. 

It would fit comfortably under the bed, against the wall, or even in the back of the tiny closets.

If you have a standing desk, the Treadly can be easily slid to the bottom of it, regardless of the position of the handles up or down. 

It is also reasonably easy to move because of its 73-pound weight and wheels.

Treadly feels extraordinary once you get used to it. When you first use Treadly, you will be pleasantly pleased by how secure it feels. 

It’s well-made and solid under your feet. Its belt glides effortlessly and without snags, and you will receive the highest, well-designed, sturdy equipment. 

Its 265-pound weight limit isn’t ideal—most traditional treadmills have a 300-pound weight restriction given their smaller dimensions. It doesn’t have too much of an accessible gap.

Treadly is simple to use. The Treadly is plain and straightforward. If you’re easily intimidated by large, high-tech machinery, Treadly will be a refreshing change. 

Every aspect of it, from packaging to simply stepping on it to start it, makes it simpler to include some movement into your day, even if you’re to do other things like checking up on emails or watching a movie. 

Treadly will help you if that is your primary goal.

So easy to set up and it is very quiet when running! Nothing fancy but if you are looking for a solid walking treadmill, take a look at Treadly!

Patty S.

How much does Treadly cost?

The Treadly 2 is now available for purchase through the manufacturer’s website. 

It is not available in any retail shops or through other online vendors. The Treadly 2 basic is present at $749. Also, there is a pro version for $849. 

If you seem unable to pay the full cost upfront, the site gives loan options for both types.

How to order Treadly?

When you visit the front page, you can see all the possible impacts that really could make in your life. At the very end of the page, you can see the two products they sell.

They clearly point the benefits of having Treadly, you have to simply choose this according to your budget,

Below you can see the Checkout page of Treadly, which is convenient and straightforward to use. You have two express checkout options Shoppay and Gpay.

What are consumer reviews?

Though we are sure that this is the best option for your walk needs. Let’s hear from the consumers who have bought it to guide your decision.

The Verdict

Yes, we believe the Treadly is a worthwhile device for your jogging. 

If you can afford this heavy price, it is a great device to have in your home or condos. 

It is lightweight, small, and features excellent design elements ideal for light and moderate activity. 

The only drawbacks are the modest maximum speed. Otherwise, it’s a great piece of tech device for when you require a brief workout routine but don’t have much room.

Treadly does pretty good work on everything they promise, providing a walking space in a remarkably small. 

So, whether you’re searching for a means to gain more working out each day or to turn your standing desk into a standing and walking desk, Treadly has what you’re looking for.

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