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Overview of SmileDirectClub

SmileDirectClub was founded with a motive of providing a better, economical and a more convenient way in comparison to braces, to straighten teeth and make them whiter

It provides two types of treatments including the Night Time Clear Aligners, which can be used only when you sleep at night and promises to give results in 10 months. The simple clear aligners give results in as less as 4-6 months. SmileDirectClub ensures to offer a price, 60% less than braces. SmileDirectClub is one of the leading aligner brands in the US currently and has received satisfactory reviews from its users. 

The feature which makes SmileDirectClub stand apart from the other brands is its facility of Night Time Clear Aligners. This is definitely something many candidates would like, to avoid inconvenience during the day time, when they are around people. 

SmileDirectClub was founded in 2014 and has transformed a million customers’ smiles since then. They have around 391 centres till date and promise to have many more. They have managed to build a team of more than 6300 members and every member works towards a similar end goal with complete enthusiasm.


  • Economical than braces.
  • It has the Night Aligner treatment available.
  • Quick treatment in around 4-10 months.
  • Commodious procedure.


  • Not the most affordable amongst its competitors.
  • The newer brands have newer technologies available.

Why SmileDirectClub?


  • Get an impression/scan
    You have the option of either visiting the nearest “Smile Shop” and getting your teeth scanned by professionals or you can use the home-kit to get the impressions yourself.
  • Your Aligners will be delivered
    The orthodontists will design your aligners according to your impressions and deliver it to you. You can get regular remote visits every 90 days with the orthodontists.
  • Get ready to see your smile transformed
    Complete your treatment and see your teeth aligned as you wanted.

The process is quick and super easy, which makes the entire experience effortless.

2) NightTime Clear Aligners

The night aligner feature is quite a new and even more convenient option offered by SmileDirectClub. Not many competitors offer this product. 

These aligners give you your space the entire day and seek attention only for 10 hours during night. They show results as quick as 10 months and are the best companions one could ask for. 

What goes in SmileDirectClub’s Aligners?

The clear aligners are BPA-free and are made of the best quality, tight fitting material to show results in a short duration of time. The procedure of treatment is systematic and convenient.

Products offered by SmileDirectClub

Clear AlignersPrice: $1895 or $85/moWear atleast for 22 hrs a dayShows results in 4-6 months on average
NightTime Clear AlignersPrice: $1895 or $85/moWear continuously for 10 hrs at nightShows results in 10 months

Social Proof 

I scoured the internet and found out a huge number of positive reviews about SmileDirectClub. It typically shows results in 4-6 months and does a good job for mild alignment issues related to crowding, underbite, crossbite etc. The Smile Shops are spread out at different locations which makes the scanning process easily accessible for customers. 

The Bottomline: Final Verdict

SmileDirectClub has definitely marked its place in the Teeth Aligner industry and is providing quick treatment. The Night Aligner facility is a perk for all the customers who wish to avoid wearing them during day time as it brings in inconvenience while eating, delivering meetings etc. It is extremely useful if you are looking out for an alternative of braces with a much affordable price. 

The users who have extreme or severe issues should consult a dentist and only then think of buying this product.

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