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Defenage is a brand which offers you skincare products by which you reverse ageing. It’s not just cream or serum it’s formulated science which is introduced to make your skin brighter, youthful, smoother and wrinkles.


Defenage is a type of fourth-generation stem cell skin care. DefenAge is clinically studied and proven to be safe and effective for our skin.

Many trials reveal that after use there is a visible reduction in pores, fine lines and wrinkles. Also, there are easily seen differences between before and after pigmentation, as you can see below 

We were amazed by their results and got curious to know more about the brand and the products so thereafter we found a lot of information regarding the products. So let’s see what the information is.

Overview And Detailed Information About Defenage

Defenage Brand Image
Defenage Brand Image


A brand whose name itself has its meaning. 

Defenage is a brand which promotes the formation of new skin and keeps your skin young as youngsters. You may easily call it an anti-ageing product. 

Their products are working on dynamic defensins methods. Simply we can understand it in other words, defensins work as an alarm or supporter or in other words, it helps for breaking the dormancy of a stem cell named LGR6+.

When defensins break dormancy, LGR6+ works and effectively makes new skin cells. By adding numbers of new cells and prompt making new cells, Defenage creates the path for new cells and makes your skin glowing and youthful. 

This research and ideas come across us by Nikolay Turovets, a PhD holder with diverse knowledge and experience in scientific developments including cancer research, stem cell therapy and IVF. 

Defenage is an American company which was discovered and brought to us by the year 2014. Now at this time because of their limitless efforts, they are not just their products but also become our heart and soul for skin care formulas.

In this small period of time, they cover a huge area of social media by having 18.6k+ followers on Instagram and 4.2k+ followers on Facebook. You can also reach them on social media by the name “Defenage skincare “

By keeping all of these topics aside and focusing on the main motto of the company we discover some good and bad points regarding the brand. Let’s talk about the same. 


  • Sometimes hiccups and tubes collide and create some problems in making products come out. 


  • Easy to use and mild enough to use under the eye
  • Make skin poreless 
  • Reduce the wrinkles 
  • Prompt the hormones to make new skin

Now let’s see what products which are top-rated or perfect for you.  

Varieties Do Defenage Offers

Defenage 24-hour fast starter kit Review

Defenage 24-hour fast starter kit
Defenage 24-hour fast starter kit

This is a trial pack of three products the same as in Clinical Power Trio. The pack contains a 2-minute reveal masque, a 24/7 barrier balance cream and an 8-in-1 Bioserum.

  • A 2-minute reveal masque can be used to remove dullness, and unwanted cells instantly smooth and softens skin brightens and boosts radiance etc.
  • 24/7 barrier balance cream can be useful for the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin, balancing the natural barrier and if you use it on a regular basis you will see a difference in brightness and also feel firmly 
  • 8-in-1 bio serum can be used for improving skin health, and quality, minimising pores, reducing skin pigmentation etc.

You Can use 24/7 barrier balance cream twice per day. After 30 seconds you can apply 8-in-1 bio serum. You have to apply it twice a day. And a 2-minute reveal masque has to be used only once or twice a week. 

As per the use they use many ingredients which can be helpful for our skin. For example, they use defensins, niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, sea whip and many more. 

You can purchase it only in a few amount of $38.00

It can be useful for:

  • It will make your skin fresher and younger in minutes.
  • It can improve your skin texture and give you a softer and smoother skin
  • Can be useful for reducing the pigmentation of the skin.

This starter set is just a trial set or easy-to-carry option of the Clinical Power Trio. 

Amazing Results!

“Amazing Results! I have tried many, many skincare topicals both high-end and drugstore. Defenage outperforms them all. I use tretinoin (Retin A) which is a gold standard for anti-ageing but comes with its share of intense irritation. In the winter especially, I usually have to contend with patches of flakiness, irritation and even eczema. Nothing really helped until I discovered Defenage. Since I have been using it my skin is supple, hydrated, and with what I can only describe as a youthful glow. Fine lines are amazingly smoothed out. I do not have flaking or irritation anymore. A miracle in the dead of winter. It is not an understatement to say my skin has never looked better. Although they say this is a 3-day supply, mine lasted for a good two weeks or more. You have to try this to see what a difference Defenage can make!!”


Defenage 3D Eye Radiance Cream Review 

Defenage 3D Eye Radiance Cream
Defenage 3D Eye Radiance Cream

A Technology which is loaded with the anti ageing skincare treatment. It is designed to perform challenging cosmetic concerns for the skin below and above your eyes. 

This is not only a cream, it’s an award-winning cream. This product won two awards in the year 2019 and 2020.

In 2019 this cream won the title of Eye product of the year by Independent Innovation and in 2020 it won an award for The best eye cream for dark circles by Newbeauty magazine. 

It’s made in your own U.S.A 

You can use it twice a day in the morning and evening. It can be used after cleaning when the skin is still moist after cleansing, you have to pump the cream on applicators after that you dab it under the eye. Followed by massaging and it has been done.

  •  Caution: Only for external use and it has to be kept out of reach to eyes.

This product is made with the goodness of age-repairing defensins, hyaluronic acid and fine blends of the natural extract. 

This product can be beneficial for you in several ways as :

  • Smoothening Of upper eyelids 
  • It can be helpful in reducing the puffiness of the eyes
  • It’ll fade the appearance of crow’s feet and the fine lines near the eye

You will get this product for only in $127.00

Makes the Skin Around My Eyes Look Beautiful

“Makes the Skin Around My Eyes Look BeautifulDefenage 3D Eye Cream really does perform as promised. I have been using it for six weeks now and I can see the lifting of my upper lids, a smoothing of some fine lines and a reduction in my dark circles. It applies very smoothly, is creamy and hydrating, but absorbs easily. It is soothing to my sensitive eye area. It does not interfere with eye makeup Makes the Skin Around My Eyes Look Beautiful, as that would be a deal-breaker for me. It provides a nice smoothing primer for eyeshadow and concealer. This product turned out to be a real holy grail for me.”


Defeange 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream Review

Defeange 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream
Defeange 6-week Perfection Neck Tightening Cream

It’s a luxury anti-ageing neck tightening cream infused with advanced science. It is brought to you for the challenging old age or adult neck look. 

It can be useful for you for reducing deep lines, folds, and the impact of gravity on the blackened area of the neck.

Clinical studies reveal that this product is so useful in reducing skin-related problems near the neck and also if it fuses with retinol it will not get you any irritated skin anymore. 

It can be used twice a day. For applying this first you have to take one pump on your fingertips and then apply it on your neck when the neck is still rinsing after cleansing. Do it in an uplifting process.

It can be useful in:

  • Skin thickness of the neck
  • It’ll soften and improve the surface texture of the skin
  • It will provide rich moisture near the neck
  • It will helpful for you in brightens the skin

It can be yours only for $127.00

The best neck cream

The best neck creamI have tried several other high end neck creams, and this is my favourite by far. One pump provides coverage for my entire neck and décolletage. It is lightly moisturising, and after using it for about 8 months I see a real improvement in the texture of my skin. I love all the Defenage products, but this one is the best!”


Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care: Clinical Power Trio Review

Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care: Clinical Power Trio
Dermatologist Recommended Skin Care: Clinical Power Trio

This product is the signature pack of the brand. This pack includes the best-selling products of the brand, consisting of an 8-in-1 Bioserum, 24/7 barrier balance cream and a 2-minute reveal masque. 

Basically, all of these products help each other with their unbeatable impact on your skin to enhance your skin texture. 

As per your use are doubt you can also use its trial pack with less quantity (for 2-3 days). It will give you more plus points to purchase. Its starter pack is named a 24-hours fast starter kit. 

If you use these products on regular basis you can see a huge difference in your skin and they can be:

  • Less pigmentation on the skin
  • Tighten and brighten the skin which will give you a youthful glow
  • It will correct the visible signs of skin exhaustion, damage and ageing.
  • Can be helpful for reducing pores
  • It heals wrinkles 

And the best part of these products is you don’t have to wait for their results because they will appear just in 1 week. 

For making these benefits yours you only have to pay $424.00. 

Worth the Work

“Worth the work for me it was worth the time I used. I have used this company’s products before with Great results. Being African-American I was not sure about the effectiveness. Fortunately, I did see clearer skin, and wrinkle reduction around the cheeks, the-decrease in wrinkles made Me feel better and I looked better. My 92-year-old mom even noticed a difference. Unfortunately, for me, it is possibly too expensive to continue long-term unless the Cousy can be broken into a couple of months’ payments. I had significant success with the previous products. “

~Mattie L

Defenage 10 Luxe Hand And Body Cream Review

Defenage 10 Luxe Hand And Body Cream
Defenage 10 Luxe Hand And Body Cream

This product is offered by Defenage skincare and studied by many scientists, and the study says that this cream is the ultimate solution for your whole body texture.  

It contains defensin molecules which is a miracle remedy for youth skin. Also, it is made up of niacinamide, sea whip, squalene etc. It will make your skin the way you always wanted it to be. 

It will help you in :

  • Getting youthful skin
  • Glow and shine on your body as like polish
  • You will get skin-calming and soothing effects 
  • Keep your skin Hydrated 

This will cost you $148.00 

Nice product

“Nice product have been using this for about a year, and I like the way it makes my skin feel. My arms were very crepey and now the skin has tightened and feels better. I will continue to use it.”

~Carolyn H

How To Order Defenage Products 


As we are here to help you in choosing the best products for yourself, we’ll also help you with ordering them. Here are some simple steps which you can follow to order the products. 

(As we recommend you buy it with a subscription we will make all the instructions according to that)

  1. For ordering any product you must first visit their website as they suggest a profile visit purchased to not get any fake products. After visiting their website you have to sign in first to have the products of your choice at an offer price with free delivery. 
  1.  After signing in there you have to click on all products and then after you have to choose the product you want with the number of packs you need. 
  1. Then after you have to make a checkout by choosing options given there as PayPal, Amazon pay or another option of your choice Followed by filling up your address. 
  1. Click on the order icon and wait for your parcel. 

Defeange Customer’s Reviews

As per the need also collected some real customer reviews and we want you to please check it once. 

Effective! “I have sensitive skin with moderate hyperpigmentation on my arms that hasn’t responded to treatment with Hydroquinone 4.0% or chemical peels. After 3 weeks of 1x/daily use my skin’s texture, tone and elasticity has significantly improved. This cream really does it all!”

~Michele P

NOTHING COMPARES “love this kit, I wanted to test it out first because of the high cost. I was not disappointed , so far it has been working well to diminish my smile lines and make them more faint. The biggest concern for me were these small pores that stretched over time and no longer have a ton of sebum buildup but look like small holes. This has been helping tighten those little small holes which is why I bought the product. I can safely say after trying several dozen products to try and eliminate them, this is the only product that delivers.”

~Adriana B

Perfect cream “Perfect creamI have a mountain of cosmetics and skin products both from my dermatologist as well as ‘luxury’ cosmetic brands. The Barrier Balance cream is a winner on two important fronts. Firstly, the texture, lack of scent, the comfort of this product is unequalled. This cream, together with the serum, provides a perfect canvas for any foundation. It Perfect cream to the skin and does not result in a slick or greasy feeling. Secondly, this cream has made a profound difference to the appearance of my skin. The texture is much smoother and overall, I have noticed a great reduction in redness. At night, I use this product and the serum together with RetinA; normally, RetinA causes a bit of inflammation but this problem has disappeared with the use of the Barrier Balance cream. I have definitely noticed a reduction in fine lines. It is great! “

~Abigail B

Is The Defenage Worth It?

Who’s the person who doesn’t want youthful skin and body throughout their life? Of course everyone. 

Many brands and companies made many commitments and products but not as perfect as Defenage. It’s not just products, it is a blessing which is gifted to us by science. 

We read and researched many people’s views on this brand and we’re really glad to say that. Yes!!

Yes! Defenage is worth it.

Our Final Verdict


We have seen many different brands and products offering many things. We also saw many brands of creams and products which offer you a young age skin and glow. 

But to be honest we have never seen any brand which offers you young age without using any crucial ingredients. Many brands which offer you youth skin also mention they use ingredients which are many times crucial for animals.

But it is so amazing that Defenage stated they are 100% cruelty-free which means they don’t use any body part or organ of any animal or human. They also don’t make any trials on animals. 

Also, all the reviews and comments regarding the products are unbelievable. We are really happy with their products. 

And we highly recommend you DefenAge products. 

Go for it!!!

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