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We are...

TheConsumerMag is basically a magazine for the consumers for the DTC brands of health category. 

We help the consumers to choose their products by giving our reviews. 

Our reviews are highly researched and are given by the authorised professionals. 

In this era of digitisation and cut throat competition of companies, the marketing efforts are made by them by spending thousands and millions of dollars and thus by seeing their marketing campaigns a consumer gets stuck and in a dilemma for which brand he has to choose?

We know that the medical field is a very complex thing and not everyone wants to take a step in this to help others. Everyone is and should be conscious about their health and not every product is for everyone. 

But we have the team of highly experienced nutritionists and also some marketers who are busy for you to research the different products.

Our main aim is to provide the maximum and one stop solution for the DTC products and brands and help our people to get out of the dilemma for choosing a brand or product.

Meet our Advisors

Luke Rodriguez - Co-Founder @ TheConsumerMag

Luke Morrison

Luke is one of the most experienced Medical Advisors of TheConsumerMag. He is also Co-Founder of TheConsumerMag. 

Luke has a Bachelor’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics from Michigan State University. And has his own office in Miami. He has the Experience of more than 9 years in the same and the wellbeing of the people is the main aim of Luke.  

Janet Coleman- .
Gundry Md Ambassador 
Co-Founder @ TheConsumerMag

Hello I am Janet coleman and I am the c0- founder of TheConsumerMag. I love to write about consumer health products and I am an authorised professional to write about these products. 

I have done a bachelor’s degree in Medicine from Kansas State University and diploma in public relations and after that I have started writing about health products. 

Currently, I am a Gundry Md Ambassador and I have written a plethora of articles about Gundry Md supplements and their different products as well. 

Apart from TheConsumerMag I am also a full time dietician and have consulted over 1000 patients. I have more than 13 years of experience as a dietician and in future I am going to continue this. 

What Does Fact Checked Mean?

Fact checked means that this article has been written by someone knowledgeable in health and then has been verified by someone on our editorial team, either a Doctor or Nutritionist.

Our goal is to have all of our content fact checked by end 2021.

Advertiser’s Disclosure -

Yes we write about the DTC products and brands but it requires a lot of research and studies. All the research and studies are made after diligent work by our team. As a result of our hard work we paste some affiliate links by which we get paid for our work to provide you the right and vital information. 

Do you personally test all the products?

No be very honest it is not possible to test all the products on which we write about because every individual is different and also the gender differs. However, some products which we need for ourselves are tested and also written.


But we know which ingredient is right for you and according to it we write about that products. TheConsumerMag loves to be honest and frank with their beloved audience and our main aim is to provide you the necessary information and not biased opinion.